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As a contracted provider of Transitional Housing in Rotorua and South Waikato, Visions is dedicated to offering individuals and whānau warm, dry, and secure short-term accommodations. Our comprehensive service model involves a skilled and compassionate team composed of Housing Navigators, Social Workers, and Property Managers who work closely with each household.


The primary objective is to facilitate the sourcing of permanent and sustainable housing options for our clients. We employ various approaches to acquire suitable properties.

Transitional housing plays a vital role in addressing the immediate needs of individuals and whānau. The reasons individuals may require transitional housing are diverse, ranging from the sale of their rental property to changes in living arrangements with family members. Our focus is to assist these individuals in securing longer-term housing options while also providing connections to additional support services such as Work and Income services, budgeting advice, and healthcare resources.

The Transitional Housing Code of Practice encompass elements such as ensuring healthy and safe housing environments, fostering pleasant living conditions, implementing transparent exit processes, and facilitating effective issue management.

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